When And Why To Upgrade From DSL

Most small businesses begin life with a standard DSL internet service and will find their needs catered well enough. However, if or when the business begins to become more dependent on features likes VoIP or VPN access, these conventional internet services can begin to look a little sketchy in terms of quality and reliability. In fact, there comes a time in the life of most growing businesses where the delays, downtime and general ineptitude of their DSL services start to amount a bill larger than the service’s subscription bill.Time to RethinkWhen this is the case, it is time to rethink the service package the business uses and consider a T1 Line, maybe a satellite internet package or Fast Ethernet system from a leading specialist.A dedicated T3 Line,for example, represents a clear and logical step forward for most businesses. True, subscription fees will be higher than those attached to the current DSL system, but the gap between the two is closing by the day and when weighing up all the incredible advantages Gigabit Ethernet offers, there is simply no comparison between the two.Limitations of DSLWhat makes the standard DSL system so limited and thus inferior to today’s leading Ethernet over Fiber packages is the fact that it is designed from the ground up to be consumer-oriented. Roughly translated, consumer-oriented means that the service is made for casual use and is suitable for situation where the low monthly subscriptions fees matter far more than overall quality and reliability.Perhaps the biggest downside of the DSL system is the way subscribers are not offered a specific amount of bandwidth, but rather an “Up To XXX Kbps”, meaning that congestion can seriously slow things down or even bring them to a grinding halt.Downtime CostsIf congestion happens to flare up at the worst possible time and the subscriber’s credit card terminals go offline and thus result in huge losses of sales by the second, every cent of value for money the package seemed to offer goes literally down the drain.The alternative option however is the T1 Line, Ethernet over Copper or indeed any other leading Ethernet service package available today. These cutting-edge packages deliver guaranteed ‘dedicated’ bandwidth to the business – i.e. a bandwidth that never changes and is available 24/7 every single day. A full VPLS and DSL service package is simply essential for any modern business with already heavy or growing demands for strong and reliable bandwidths, particularly those looking to get the very best out of VoIP.Future-ReadyWhat’s more, any leading Ethernet provider will also be able to ‘bond’ wires together should the need arise in the future, increasing the company’s bandwidth double, triple, quadruple or as far as required. Additionally, costs for upgrades and new installations will vary considerably depending on the region on the US, but on the whole, almost all prospering business units find every penny of upgrade cost truly worth it.